General Terms & Conditions Optima Self-Storage

  • The customer is not allowed to store toxic, flammable or dangerous substances, including, particularly, dangerous preparations and substances as referred to in Article 723 bis of the Belgian General Regulations for Occupational Health and Safety (ARAB; Algemeen Reglement voor de Arbeidsbescherming), waste products and perishable products, and all other substances or installations subject to specific regulations. 
  • The customer hereby declares to have been informed about the general terms and conditions provided by the lessor, as recorded in the general regulations under which the current rental agreement is provided to the lessee by the lessor. Furthermore, the lessee declares to accept all conditions of the rental agreement, including the aforementioned general terms and conditions that make up an integral part of the agreement.
  • Optima Self-Storage maintains the right to deny the customer access to the storage space in case of late payment and proceed to selling the goods stored therein, in case a rental period remains unpaid for more than fifteen days after receipt of the notice of default as sent to the customer through registered letter. 
  • The customer estimates the value of the contents to be 2,500.00 EUR. The minimum insurance for this is 10 EUR per month per 2,500.00 EUR tranche.